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SNAPCHAT BUTTERFLY FILTER: Snapchat has so many fun filters, why not dress up as a Snapchat filter? It’ll be a hit whether at the office party or trick-or-treating. The Snapchat butterfly filter was so popular and everybody’s favorite. Make some cut out glittery butterflies and attach to your face. Apply some gold glitter for makeup as well.
UNICORN: Who doesn’t love unicorns? They’re so majestic and pretty. Wear all white, a colorful wig with a horn at the top of your head, and even a flower crown, too!
PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY: Dressing up with your best friend this year? DO you guys go together like peanut butter and jelly? If yes, then try this fun idea! One of you has to wear the peanut butter shirt and the other has to wear the jelly. Add some knee socks or tights for something extra.
Wizard of Oz: Going trick-or-treating with your daughter this year? Match with her and do a Wizard of Oz theme, like Dorothy and Glenda the Good Witch!
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