Use our onsite guide to help determine how best to wear your new Helen Ficalora jewelry. Below you’ll find our two examples to help find the best fit so that your pieces not only dazzle onlookers and admirers but also feel and fit their absolute best on you. Use our chain sizing chart for proper necklace sizing on your neck and with any charm. You’ll also find our ring sizing chart below, to help determine the size of rings you already own or are looking to buy from Helen’s collection.

If you have any questions about determining your size, our Customer Service professionals will be glad to assist you. Please call us at 877.754.2676 or email

Why are chain and necklace sizing important?

Determining the correct length for your chain and/or necklace can be a vital part of choosing your next piece of jewelry. Chain length not only affects your outfits and the appearance of your other jewelry – but it can also affect face shape, neck appearance, and décolletage.

Why is ring sizing important?

Getting the wrong ring size is not uncommon. Sizing a finger for a ring can make or break how a piece of jewelry feels, fits, looks, and stays on your hand. Using a ring sizing chart can help you find what size to look for; however, checking with a jeweler for an in-person sizing is encouraged when possible. You want your new ring to feel right on your finger without slippage, but with enough give to that removing it is never too difficult. 

The chain length guide. Use this guide to determine the approximate position on the body. position may vary upon individual. 16" is shortest on body and highest on neck. 18" is second shortest and second closest to neck. 20" is third shortest landing just above the chest line. 24" is the fourth shortest and lands just below the chest line. 30" is the fifth shortest and lands below the breasts. 36" is the longest and lands closer to your belly button.

the ring size guide. Take a ring that fits the desired finger and find the matching size on the chart. Choose the larger size if your ring falls between two sizes. Size 4 is the smallest at 47. Size 14 is the largest at 72.3.