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SCARECROW: Have you ever wanted to be a scarecrow for Halloween? Now is the time to try it! You can mess around with different makeup looks to achieve the look of a scarecrow, whether scary or pretty, your makeup can really enhance the costume!
SUGAR SKULL: Do you love skulls—especially during Halloween? Dress up as a Day Of The Dead Girl and create a sugar skull on your face using your makeup. Add a flower crown on your head to really pull the look together.
BAMBI/DOE: Bambi is the perfect Halloween costume for someone who wants to do really pure-looking, pretty Halloween makeup, staying away from a scary costume. Makeup for a doe/deer is so simple and looks so cute!
MERMAID: If you want lots of color and sparkle, a mermaid is the perfect Halloween costume for you this year! Paint lots of makeup and glitter around your forehead and your cheeks, down your neck and on your collarbones. It adds a fairytale-like feel to the mermaid costume. Add starfish accents or a flower crown to make the mermaid costume even more accessorized.
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