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The fall jewelry collections at several jewelry stores are unexpected and bold this year. Jewelry this year comes in several shapes and sizes that can be worn with various outfits. There is always a variety of designs when it comes to ornaments because jewelry is one of the best accessories to use during the fall. Helen Ficalora and its online shop contain a wide variety of fall accessories.


What Fall Accessories Are Currently in Style?

Fall also commonly known as Autumn is the climate that comes between winter and summer during which temperatures gradually decrease. Autumn is commonly referred to as fall in the United States because leaves fall from the trees at this time of the year. It is during this time of the year when the temperature transitions between summer heat and winter cold. In fact, the temperature and the atmosphere generally vary during this time of the year. Hence, it is important to dress accordingly to the weather outside during this time of the year. Fine chains, fall bracelet chains, fall earrings, and rings are excellent forms of jewelry that can be paired with fall outfits. Helen Ficalora has a wide variety of fall jewelry collections. Some of these ornaments include the stunning and spooky spider coin charm that is packed with details. The fall-friendly maple leaf cutout charm is also a piece of great jewelry to be worn during fall with a fall necklace. Last but not the least, the turning leaf pendant and the gorgeously detailed acorn are excellent charms that can be worn with a fine chain at Helen Ficalora while wearing a beautiful dress or any other fall outfit.


What Jewelry Is Trending in Fall 2022?

Helen’s collection of autumn jewelry and charms includes a variety of different icons. These icons can represent different hobbies, and interests, or they can even be a charm that was gifted by somebody else. Some of the most outstanding charms at Helen Ficalora would be the wolf coin that can be worn during Halloween or the month of October. The wolf coin charm would represent the howling at the season’s new moon. The fall-fashion-forward acorn charm is another beautiful charm that can be worn with a fine chain or even a charm bracelet chain. The classic crescent moon disk charm can be worn any time of the day especially during a night out, only to match the occasion and atmosphere of the evening.


Is Gold or Silver in Style in 2022?

At Helen Ficalora, all ornaments are made up of high-quality metal. They can be bought in Solid 14K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling live. Ever since people started wearing jewelry, gold and silver have kept an everlasting trend and beauty among people. While certain styles may float in and out of style, precious metals rarely move from their place of admiration. Helen Ficalora offers both solid 14K gold options as well as sterling silver, of which many items are available in both, such as the horseshoe disk charm, the feather charm, as well as the owl flat charm.

Fall Jewelry | Helen Ficalora

Best Fall Jewelry to Buy This Season

Helen Ficalora provides a huge variety of collection of jewelry that can be worn during the fall term. In fact, all these fall picks are available at every price point. Helen’s features some top-of-the-line options to keep in mind. For instance, the large horseshoe disk charm featuring a ring of pave diamonds, the crescent moon with pressed pave diamonds, or even the spider mini charm. Some of the evergreen products that come back in style every fall include the chunky hoop earrings, twist chain, and the oval signet ring.


Fall Jewelry | Helen Ficalora






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