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Just like many accessories, jewelry pieces manage to go in and out of style every few seasons. Jewelry designs do not out of fashion, in fact, they go in and out of style every year. While doing your winter holiday jewelry shopping, you might realize that holiday trends might not be brand-new, but they are sure to make your wardrobe feel bright, shiny, and fresh. Jewelry always works well as a Christmas gift, too! A holiday bracelet or even a holiday necklace can be used or gifted as Christmas jewelry. Helen Ficalora’s seasonal and staple jewelry collections offer ornaments that can be worn during the winter season or even during any special occasion.Holiday Jewelry | Helen Ficalora


Is Jewelry a Good Christmas Gift?

Jewelry as a Christmas gift can make a special occasion wholesome and special while celebrating with family and friends. Christmas jewelry such as a Christmas ring and Christmas earrings make the perfect present during the winter season. Giving jewelry makes the recipient feel beautiful, important, and desired. Some of the key charms within the Christmas collection at Helen Ficalora that can be worn year-round include the cross mini charm, the dove mini charm, and the angel wing mini charm.



Can You Wear Jewelry in the Winter?

During the winter season, it is 100 percent okay to wear jewelry during the winter season. As long as you shop for high-quality jewelry, it is possible to still wear and enjoy your favorite pieces during the winter months. Obviously, holiday-themed jewelry is a great choice to wear in the wintertime. Some of the most special winter ornaments at Helen Ficalora include the reindeer mini charm and the snowflake mini charm.


Should You Wear Jewelry When You Travel?

When flying, it is important that customer place jewelry in their checked luggage instead of keeping it in their carry-on or on their person in order to ensure that it is secure. While keeping jewelry in your checked luggage, you can also consider placing jewelry in a travel jewelry case in order to ensure extra security. Using a travel jewelry case can secure and prevent jewelry from banging around the rest of the items in your suitcase. This also makes it easier to stay organized and get dressed during the trip! However, leaving their favorite pieces at home is probably safer, we never know what to expect. In case anything gets lost, you might be losing extremely valuable things that might hurt you.



5 Best Holiday Jewelry From Helen Ficalora

Helen’s collections to find the perfect piece to wear or gift to a loved one this holiday season. The jewelry collection at Helen Ficalora is long-lasting ornaments that are promising to the customers that buy them. All charms, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets shine bright and can be worn for any special occasion. Here is the list of the most iconic pieces of jewelry at Helen Ficalora.

Holiday Jewelry | Helen Ficalora


Love Angel Charm: The Love Angel Charm is a beautiful and elegant pendant is a very detailed pendant that can be worn with any fine necklace at Helen Ficalora. You can also pair it with several other charms at our store. It also is bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose, and Sterling Silver. [dib_prod_379532788]


Angel Mini Charm: The Angel Mini Charm is another beautiful pendant that can be bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver. The Angel Mini Charm can be worn with a Fine Chain or even a Charm Bracelet Chain at Helen Ficalora. [dib_prod_2035351486533]


Snowman Mini Charm: The Snowman Mini Charm is a cute and adorable pendant that be bought along a Fine Chain or even a Charm Bracelet Chain at our store. The snowman mini charm can be bought in Solid 14K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. [dib_prod_4323391602757]


Snowflake Mini Charm Pave Diamond: The Snowflake Mini Charm Pave Diamond can enlighten any occasion. It is the perfect charm to be worn during the winter season. The following charm can be worn by several other charm pendants Helen Ficalora or just by itself. [dib_prod_3562134212]


”Joy” Disk Charm With Diamond: The “Joy” Disk Charm With Diamond disk charm features a stunning pave diamond and is just the perfect charm to wear for any special occasion. Customers can pair it with a fine chain or even a charm bracelet chain from Helen Ficalora. [dib_prod_382153544]






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