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Mother’s Day comes every year as the days start to lengthen and the weather begins to warm up. However, it is so important to celebrate motherhood every day of the year and not just one day of the year. The importance of celebrating motherhood is a tradition. It should be considered as an opportunity to create new beginning in mind for the entire family. Mothers are caregivers to their kids and a push present jewelry is an excellent gift to new mothers.


What Is a Typical Push Present?

You might wonder what a push present would be? Push Presents are essentially new gifts that are given to a new parent who has just given birth. The miraculous feat of bringing a new human being into the world is amazing. Many people feel that a parent’s hard work and the pain endured should be recognized with a gift. At Helen Ficalora, we sell all our push present jewelry in high-quality metal that are sold in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver. Different pieces that are commonly given as push present jewelry at Helen Ficalora includes charms, push present necklacepush present rings, and bracelets. Our Push Present collection include the “MOM” Disk Charm With Diamond, as well as the “BABY” Disk Charm. 



How Much Do You Spend on a Push Present?

The amount of money you spend entirely depends on you. At Helen Ficalora, there are different price points for finding the right gift. You can choose to buy the new mother really expensive jewelry from our store but you can also choose to buy affordable ornaments. Click on the gifts link to view ornaments with a higher price mark. How much you spend on a push present completely relies on your decision.


Who Is Supposed to Give a Push Present?

A push present is usually given by the new parent’s significant other or a relative from their family. The most typical push present to give to a new mother is jewelry. However, a push present can be anything that they would love! Traditionally the husband gives the gift to the mother, you know your significant other best. Whatever you decide, this will surely be a memorable moment for you. In modern society, close friends and family are also encouraged to offer a gift if they want to! The birth of a baby is also the birth of the parent hence, couples can celebrate each other special moment however they wish to do so. 



Can a Friend Give a Push Present?

Yes, friends of the family can definitely be encouraged to buy push presents for the mother if they are close to the couple to feel led to give a gift. At Helen Ficalora, some of the few selections from the collection do not break the bank but still honor the mother. 


Top 6 Push Gift Jewelry

At Helen Ficalora, we have a wide variety of push presents for new mothers. No piece at our store is too small or too big in celebrating motherhood. Celebrating a mother and her baby is a tradition based on love alone! Here are the top 6 pieces to celebrate motherhood at Helen Ficalora. 


  1. Mom Disc Charm with Diamond: Helen Ficalora’s gold mom charm is the perfect piece to gift for a new mother or even to give a mother during mother’s day. The following charm can be bought in various metals. It can be bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, and last but not least a combination of Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold. 



  1. Birth Jewel Charm: The Birth Jewel Cabochon Charm With Amethyst is a simple birthstone push present charm that a significant other could gift each other. The charm is made up of high-quality metal and can be bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. 


  1. Baby Heart Stud Earrings: The Baby Heart Stud Earrings are shiny earrings that are lovingly crafted in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. The diamond at the center of the piece is extremely elegant and it makes the entire earrings stand out.


  1. Crown Signet Ring: The Crown Signet Ring With 3 Diamonds is a statement ring that can be bought in high-quality metal. It can be purchased in Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. Helen Ficalora also provides various ring sizes at the ring that can be purchased. 


  1. Mama Disc Charm: The Mama Disc Charm is very similar to the “Mom” Disk Charm With Diamond. The word “MAMA” is capitalized at the center of the gold disk. Just like any other disk charm at Helen Ficalora, it can be bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. 


  1. Baby Disc Charm: The Baby Disc Charm is a simple and elegant charm that can be bought in Solid 14K yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold. The word “Baby” is engraved onto the gold platform in capital letters. The disk charm is elegant and conveys the message straight to the point. 





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