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Have you ever wanted to try something new for pumpkin decorating? Pumpkin carving is a typical activity at this time of year, but how about mixing it up for a little something different? Check out this adorable idea! These pumpkins are coated in different pastel colors and have popular sayings—with a Halloween twist—on the front of the pumpkins. The letters are pre-cut stickers. We’re in love with how unique these pumpkins are!
What sticks out to you as a more typical table centerpiece—pumpkins or flowers? Well, here is a way to add them both for a cute, festive table decoration. First, paint a pumpkin whichever color you would prefer (white is a great option). Hollow out the pumpkin and place a glass inside. The glass allows the pumpkin to be a vase. Just place a flower arrangement inside and you’re done!
Do you have a favorite color you would like to paint on your pumpkins? Let’s use pink like in this example. Try using different variations of the color you choose from light to dark shades. Play around with textures. Matte or gloss finishes can add a bit of flare to them.
If you would like to make your pumpkins look a bit more vintage, here is one thing you can do: white-wash the pumpkin and add a driftwood stem. Supplies you will need: Styrofoam pumpkins, chalk paint, hot glue gun, water, brush, rag, a paper plate and driftwood pieces. Pour some chalk paint out onto the paper plate and mix in a tiny amount of water; this will create watered-down paint. Get a corner of your rag dipped in the paint and wipe it on the pumpkin. Either rub or dab the paint—it’s up to you! Lastly, add the driftwood as a stem for the pumpkin using a hot glue gun. Feel free to try out different pumpkin colors like blue, pink or even yellow, too!
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