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PINK OMBRE DRESSER: Do you ever get bored of your furniture? Want to add some color to it? Try painting it ombre! First you have to have a raw piece of furniture to start. If refinishing a piece, you have to sand it down and clean it. What you’ll need: paint brush, drop cloth, soft wax, and furniture paint (or chalk paint). Remove the drawers from the furniture and pain individually. Dip your paint brush into the paint can. Paint a thin coat going with the grain, working around the furniture, one section at a time. Start painting the drawers. To get the ombre effect, use two shades of pink. For the middle drawer, mix the two shades together. Allow it to dry for around four hours. Add a second coat of paint and let it dry for another four hours. Make sure the furniture dries for at least 24 hours before sealing. Seal it with a wax finish. Just brush/wipe it on the furniture. Let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes. Lightly buff with a clean rag. You can also add liner paper inside the drawers!
PINK OMBRE CACTI PLANTER: Are you a proud owner of a cacti plant? Want to make it pretty and colorful? We have a pink ombre cacti planter DIY perfect for you! What you’ll need: cacti planter, acrylic paints, paint brush, clear glazing medium, and something to mix the paint on (like a plastic container lid). First, paint the entire planter in white. It’s the base coat. Paint a second coat next. (You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.) Paint the gradient of the planter with the darkest shade of pink. Work your way up the planter, using lighter shades the higher you go. After the painted planter is dry, apply a clear glaze for a polished look and it’ll help prevent chipping. Display it somewhere like your office or in your room!
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