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MATCHING RAIN BOOTS: Wear the same colored rain boots as a family! You can take some pretty Autumn family pictures with Hunter Wellington Rain Boots. Every family picture needs some type of matching element to it, so give matching rain boots a try!
MATCHING COLORS: If you just want to wear the same color, go for something bright and perfect for the holiday, like red. Like this picture, the child is wearing the same colored boots as the mom’s scarf. It’s a simple way to match without going full out.
SAME COLOR DIFFERENT SHADES: To go for a matching look, without full on matching, wear the same color but in different shades (lighter and darker versions of the same color).
MATCHING PATTERN: To wear the same pattern, any item in your outfit can incorporate a pattern. Like this picture here, the daughter is wearing a plaid head wrap, and the mom and dad are wearing plaid shirts.
MATCHING COLORED SHOES: You can wear shoes that are either the same exact style or color. If you’re wearing tan shoes, have everyone else wearing the same color, but maybe a different style shoe.
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