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BACKDROP FOR PHOTOS: Having a Halloween party? Buy some metallic letter balloons and spell out words (like "spooky") that are relevant to Halloween. Hang them up and they become the perfect backdrop against a wall to take a bunch of pictures with your friends.
PHOTO BOOTH PROPS: Why not have a photo booth at your Halloween party this year?! All you need to make some photo booth props are some wooden dowels and cardstock. You can make witch hats, pumpkins, bats, Frankenstein head, and Halloween speech bubbles. Hot glue each prop to a wooden dowel. The wooden dowels can be painted white or another color, too. Here is how you create some candy corn photo booth glasses: gather orange, yellow, and white paper, a pencil, scissors, and a little piece of black cardstock to attach the two candy corn pieces together. Start by cutting two rounded triangles on orange paper. Cut out a circle in the middle of your orange triangle to be the eyehole. Using the orange triangle, trace the lower half of it onto yellow paper. Cut out the bottom yellow layer and glue it onto the orange paper. Do the same for the second candy corn. Make two white tips and glue it to the top of the orange triangles. Glue the two candy corn pieces together with a strip of black cardstock. Hot glue the candy corn glasses onto a white dowel. It’s sure to be a favorite for your photo booth!

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