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What you’ll need: One ten inch metal gold ring (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby), one thumb pin, thin gold ribbon, fishing rod, white feathers, and gold paint. Paint the tip of the feathers with gold paint. Let them dry completely. Grab a long piece of gold ribbon and tie the end of the ribbon. Tie the ribbon across to the other side of the ring and repeat. Cross the string over the ring, forming a pattern. Use hot glue to glue the tips of the feathers to both ends of a piece of twine and tie it to the ring. Adjust the pieces of twine to fit your desired length. Attach two long pieces of fishing line to each side of the ring. Tie all of the ends in the center, then tie to a thumb pin. Use thumb pin to attach to the ceiling. Now you’ve got your white and gold dream catcher baby mobile!
What you’ll need: feathers, small paint brush and round sponge brush, white craft paper, kraft wrapping paper, and Liquid Gold Leaf. Dip a round sponge brush in the white paint and then dab it on the kraft paper to make the wrapping paper. You can make them evenly spaced or a little more randomly spaced out. Reapply the paint as needed. Shake the Liquid Gold Leaf and dip the eraser of a pencil into it to make smaller gold dots. Paint your feathers with the gold paint using a paintbrush. Be creative and paint it in whatever pattern you would like! Wrap the gift in the new wrapping paper you made. Tie some white or gold twine around it and attach one or more of your feathers.
What you’ll need: air dry clay (or clay you bake), toothpicks, straw, clay tools or a butter knife, white paint, and white ribbon. First, flatten out a piece of clay and then cut in the shape of a feather. Use parchment paper underneath. Draw in your feather stem using your clay tools or butter knife. Trim away on one end to make the stem. On one side of the stem, use a clay tool to drag the clay to the edge. Pull the clay and allow it to break away. Try to get it to have a rough edge for a more realistic look. Continue pulling out from the center of the clay until you are happy with how it looks. Then use a toothpick to create the fine details on the feather. Try to do this lightly. Take a straw and make a hole at the top of your feather so you can hang it later. Drape the feathers on paint brushes to dry to give them a little realistic and dimensional shape. Let them cure and then apply a coat of white paint on both sides of the clay. String ribbon through the holes in the clay feathers. These feathers are delicate and breakable, so be careful. Hang them on a tree when finished!
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