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Make some festive turkey crafts with your kids for Thanksgiving!
HANDPRINT TURKEY HAT: What you’ll need: brown, orange, yellow, and red paper, glue/tape/stapler, and a black marker. Cut two wide strips of brown paper and measure your kid’s head. Tape or staple it together and cut two white circles for the eyes. Trace their handprint on three different colored papers and then cut them out. Make a turkey head figure with the brown paper and have your kids glue eyes and a beak to it. Glue the handprints behind the head and the whole thing onto the headboard. Cut two strips for the turkey’s feet and tape them on the inside. Now your kids can wear these when they would like!
HANDPRINT AND FOOTPRINT TURKEY: You can hang these up in your home or give them to people (like your kids’ grandma/grandpa and aunt/uncle)! What you’ll need: paint brushes, red, yellow, orange, and brown craft paint, Huggies Wipes, red and orange craft paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. First, start by coating your kids’ hands with yellow paint and firmly press their hand on the paper. Do this with the orange and red paints as well. Have them place their palm around the same spot to make the turkey feathers. Set the handprints aside to dry. Now coat their feet with brown paint and toes with orange paint. Press their feet firmly on the paper. Set aside to dry. Cut around the handprints and footprints. Cut a red waddle (in a tear drop shape) and a yellow beak (triangle shape). Have your kids glue them and googly eyes to the heel side of the footprints to create the turkey face. Have them glue handprints to the back of the footprints.
PAPER FAN TURKEY: Grab papers in Autumn colors (orange, yellow, brown, etc.) and cut them in half. Tape together to make a big strip and then fold like a fan. Go smaller in sizes. Tape the bottoms together to make a fan shape. Make the body of a turkey with a 4” strip tail. Glue the smallest to the biggest on the tail. You can do big folds or little folds—it’s up to you because they both have a different look to them. You can add a name and make them place cards for Thanksgiving!
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