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Shopping for fine jewelry takes a lot of work and dedication. This process is usually long and grueling, as one always wants to make sure that what they are buying is a perfect fit whether it be for themselves or a loved one. When ring shopping, however, many different characteristics are at play, which could often scare away many consumers. Fortunately, we at Helen Ficalora are here to help! 


How to Buy a Ring?

One’s budget and ring size are the two most important things to consider when ring shopping. Your ring size changes throughout the day depending on the climate you are in. This factor must be kept in the back of one’s mind when determining size. Always keep one’s budget in the forefront of your mind when choosing the style and metal each ring is made out of.  Each metal carries unique characteristics which require different kinds of upkeep. The following is a list of the most common metals used in fine jewelry: 

  • Yellow Gold: Yellow color doesn’t fade quickly over time, matches almost everything, and has a classic look, but gets thinner and worn down over time. 
  • White Gold: Is less expensive than platinum, offers more style selections, but eventually yellows over time and needs special care periodically. 
  • Rose Gold: More durable than yellow or white gold, compliments all skin tones, is surprisingly affordable and is not hypoallergenic. 

Luckily, Helen Ficalora offers all three metal variants, making it easier to choose which of her rings is best for you. 

Ring Metal | Helen Ficalora

How Do I Pick the Right Ring Size?

Finding one’s ring size can get very frustrating, as size fluctuates depending on the environment we are in. The best way to determine ring size is to use our Helen Ficalora Ring Size Guide. This ring guide is a sizing chart that will help by using a chart to determine the size of an already purchased ring that happens to fit you well. Simply place the ring on the correct circumference to get your size right away! Just be sure to remember that if your ring fits somewhere in the middle between two sizes always go for the larger size! Another method of sizing would be to grab a thread and wrap it around the base of your ring finger. When the two ends meet, put a marking and then measure that thread to get your perfect size! Please be sure to check out our other post going more in-depth on  Ring Sizes Changing Throughout the Day in relation to temperature.


How to Buy a Gold Ring?

Every Helen Ficalora ring piece is crafted with 14 karat gold, but what is the difference between karats? A karat is a form of measurement used to tell how pure or heavy a piece of gold is; the higher the karat, the purer the gold. However, making and wearing jewelry out of 100% pure gold, (or 24 karat gold), is a terrible idea. Gold as a metal is too soft to hold its shape and easily becomes deformed. This also means that 24 karat gold is too soft to hold any precious stones or gems. To fix this problem, jewelers mix other kinds of metal such as copper, platinum, or silver. 


This makes 14 karat gold the perfect medium to use when crafting lasting, wearable pieces that will hold your diamonds in place, such as our very own chain rings. Another variant of gold jewelry is gold-plated jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry is not made out of real gold, and instead is made out of other metals such as nickel, and then stacked with a very thin layer of gold. In this example, the layer of gold will protect the nickel from oxidization and cheapen the cost of the piece. 

Ring Metal | Helen Ficalora

What Do I Need to Know About Silver Rings?

Silver is a very tricky substance to work with. Pure silver, like pure gold, is extremely weak and tarnishes quickly. Sterling silver, however, though more durable than pure silver, tarnishes even faster. But what is the real difference between the two? For one, sterling silver is an alloy that is made up of around 92% silver and 7% other metals.  Silver is hypoallergenic by nature, whereas sterling silver is only considered hypoallergenic if the metal mixed with it was not an allergenic metal. Overall, gold seems like a much better choice for those who do not want to have to worry about their jewelry irritating their skin and tarnishing within a few months. 

What to Look for When Shopping for Dainty Rings 

 The smaller and more delicate a ring looks, the daintier it is. Dainty rings are known for being simple, yet elegant, while still being able to pass off as casual accessories. As of late women all over the world seem to be opting for much simpler accessories to pair with louder outfit choices. Most of the time if a gemstone is featured in a dainty ring, it is either encrusted into the band or is displayed as the loudest character on the ring. For some more context feel free to check out the following:

2MM Stacking Ring With Diamond [dib_prod_378736976]

Small Cherry Blossom Adjustable Ball Ring[dib_prod_4352790757445]

Tea Rose Flower Milgrain Ring With Diamonds[dib_prod_3965849668]

Dainty rings will always be in style, but it is important to remember that the smaller the ring, the less durable it is. 

What to Look for When Shopping for Statement Rings

Statement ring style are the exact opposite of dainty rings. Where dainty rings are meant to be discrete, statement rings are meant to draw attention to themselves. We often go all out when styling statement rings such as the ones we have here at Helen Ficalora. Statement rings are best paired with subtle outfits and can dress up a casual outing. Often, multiple gemstones or carvings are seen on statement pieces, making them a lot more durable than their dainty counterparts. It is less susceptible to wear and can class up any outfit! 



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