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Make a homemade menorah this year! Try making this Branch Menorah. The branch needs to be at least 16 inches long and have a raised knot (for the shamash—the candle used to light the other candles). Make nine dots evenly spaced with pencil and one on top of the knot. Drill holes with a 3/8 inch bit. Paint it with craft paint and let dry.
Cover the top halves of 8 small jars with masking tape. Using etching cream, etch bottom halves according to product directions. Remove the tape. Fill the jars halfway with water. Add 1/8 inch olive oil. Drop floating wicks into the jars (cork side down). Use a birthday candle in a small, narrow-necked bottle for the shamash. Now you have Olive Oil Lights!
Try making Bead Blocks for something modern and creative. Glue together 9 square wood beads with the holes up. Top the center bead with a second bead for the shamash. Hold together with a rubber band until the glue dries. Cover the top half of the beads with masking tape and paint the bottom halves. Remove the tape.
Create a Modern Wooden-Block Menorah together as a family. Make a contemporary menorah using wooden blocks, cheery paint colors (like yellow), and shiny candleholders.
Here is another branch idea: Candlelit Branch and Ribbon Star. Spray shimmering silver and trim with star-shaped bobeches.


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