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Do you have problems sleeping at night? Try taking a nice warm bath a couple of hours before you go to bed. It relaxes your muscles. Be sure to listen to your body and figure out what time of night is best for you, because it could also act as a stimulant—keeping you awake. If you do it a couple of hours before bed it can help make you sleepy. Try using bath bombs to make it more fun and relaxing, too! LUSH has great bath bombs. Here’s a list of some we think you should try out:
BUTTERBEAR: It looks like a little bear of cocoa butter. Great for nourishing no matter how long you stay in the bathtub. It smells like vanilla!
TISTY TOSTY: This bath bomb is rose-scented! It is said to ease tension and give people happy, positive feelings. It’s perfect for dry skin.
MISTLETOE: This one is full of soothing jasmine oak. Mistletoe is said to bring good luck to the household and ward off evil spirits.
FATHER CHRISTMAS: Of course now that it is November, we have to start thinking ahead for Christmas, right?! We love Christmas here at Helen Ficalora and a cute Santa Claus bath bomb could bring you so much joy! This was is so sweet.
Try giving one of these bath bombs a go and relaxing in the tub for a couple of hours before bedtime. With the air starting to get chillier, you deserve a nice relaxation time to yourself.
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