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When traveling, it is hard choosing what beauty products to bring. Especially when you are limited to a certain size. We put together three items we suggest you pack.

  1. Lip balm: With the air being very dry, keeping your lips moist will save them. We suggest Rosebud Salve because it is a multifunctional product. You can use it for your lips, chapped skin, cuts, etc.
  2. Face Wipes/Anti -Bacterial Wipes: Having wipes to clean your face right after you get off or on the plane is perfect because you will feel refreshed and clean from the plane air. We suggest Burt’s Bees because they are natural and smell great!
  3. Lotion: Just like the other products, lotion will help your skin feel moisturized from the dry plane air. We suggest L’Occitane lotion because they are very moisturizing and they come in mini sizes that are perfect for the plane!


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