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No one sets out to get sunburned, but the long sunny days of summer can sometimes distract you from applying sunscreen like you should. There are many ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen that can offer sunburn relief or prevent it in the future!
Aloe: Break off a leaf and apply the juice to your sunburned skin.
Potatoes: Cut a raw potato into slices and rub a piece on your most painful sunburned spots.
Green Tea: If you have a burnt face, soak two tea bags in cool water and apply them to your aching eyelids.
Pomegranate: The fruits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties could help add another layer of sun protection to your routine.
Strawberries: Mash a few ripened strawberries and slather on sunburns for natural relief.
White Vinegar: Dab a bit of distilled white vinegar onto your sunburn and it will relieve the pain for 20 minutes.
Cucumber: Mash a cucumber and apply it to your skin. 


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