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One of our favorite summer projects is creating beautiful works of art using pressed flowers. Although we love fresh flowers (who doesn’t!) pressing flowers allows you to keep memories of happy occasions for longer than fresh flowers in a vase would. Here are a few easy steps on how to make your own pressed flower masterpiece:
Pick. Find flowers that you love and want to have pressed into a frame.
Gather. You will need: the flowers you picked, scissors, a book, a weight, two sheets of paper, glue, and a frame.
Trim. Cut the stems of the flowers so that are a desirable length and trim any unwanted petals.
Insert. Put a clean sheet of paper inside of your book, and design a creative layout with your flowers. Once you are happy with the look, close the book.
Apply. Place the weight on top of the book to begin pressing the flowers.
Remove. Once the flowers are dry and crisp, take them out of the book and lay them onto a clean sheet of paper, gluing them as they are placed.
Trim. Cut the sheet of paper so that it easily fits into the frame, and then put inside.
Enjoy. You now have a finished piece to hang on your wall and cherish!
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