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Hot days are here and what better way to cool off than with a refreshing summer cocktail! We love mixing the delicious tart taste of grapefruit with drinks and smoothies to make our beach days more fun! This recipe for infusing gin with grapefruit adds a little summer to every sip.
  1. Use a large glass container (at least 1.5 liters) with an airtight lid.
  2. Use good quality gin and keep your original bottle, as you'll need it to strain the infused mixture into it.
  3. Place the grapefruit slices in the glass container, add vodka and seal the cap tightly.
  4. Let stand at room temperature for one week, shaking gently every couple of days.
  5. Taste for the preferred flavor intensity. You can let sit for up to two more weeks but it may start to taste bitter.
  6. Strain the infused vodka into the original bottle. Cap tightly, label and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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