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There are many ways you can style Helen Ficalora's necklaces. Experiment and choose a style that works for you. When layering necklaces your first piece should be the shortest necklace to create balance between all of the chains. Try and start with a 16in chain such as Helen Ficalora's chunky fine chain. Next try to pick a little longer of a chain such as an 18in or 20 in chain. Make sure it ties into your personality and add a charm or pendant. The last piece should be the largest piece. Try going for a 30in or 36in chain. 

Helen Ficalora 14k gold layered necklace


You can always buy a handful of nice chains in different lengths so you can swap them out with different charms that best match your style and personality. The more you go with small, minimal pieces, the more you’ll be able to layer without feeling overwhelmed. If you have a more bold style try adding charms to each chain and then style your last chain with a bigger more statement piece like the Helen Ficalora Large crescent moon charm. Remember that your style is unique to you and to express yourself!

Helen Ficalora Crescent Moon charm 14k gold necklace



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