The Ultimate Guide to Alphabet, Engraved, & Diamond Letter Charms

The Ultimate Guide to Alphabet, Engraved, & Diamond Letter Charms

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Initial charms and initial jewelry have been an important part of people's outfits for decades. Gold initial jewelry has a personal meaning that can represent multiple things to a person. Alphabet charms can symbolize names, hobbies, interests, talents, achievements, romances, and other significant events. Alphabet jewelry is popular around the world. Adding diamonds to initial charms adds a little extra sparkle. Adding engraved words on the back of letter pendants offers a subtle touch of personalization and elegance.


What's The Difference Between Alphabet and Engraved Initial Charms?

Alphabet jewelry and charms are usually a full cutout of a letter. Meanwhile, engraved initial charms are just what they sound like, an initial engraved into a solid pendant. Helen Ficalora’s Letter Cutout Charms and the Engraved Alphabet Charm are one of the most iconic pendants in our store. Continue reading the article to figure out the specialty of these charms.


What to Look for When Shopping Diamond Initial Charms?

When shopping for any jewelry, especially diamonds, they should shop from a reputable source that uses only the highest quality materials. At Helen Ficalora, all our charms and necklaces are made of high-quality metal that can be bought in solid 14 karats yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. All our jewelry is perfectly durable for everyday wear yet glamorous enough for special occasions.


Alphabet Charms | Helen Ficalora

What Chain Looks Best With a Diamond Pendant?

It is best to let a diamond pendant shine and be the center of attention. Therefore, it should be worn with a fine chain made with solid gold or even using sterling silver. At Helen Ficalora, our Fine Chain can be bought in solid 14 karats of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. It is made of several hoops looped in with each other. It can be worn with one pendant or several other pendants from our store. The Diamond Chain is another beautiful necklace at our store. The Diamond Chain features four beautiful diamonds but it can be perfectly worn with various charms such as the birthstone charm, alphabet charm, heart charms are various other charms at Helen Ficalora.


What Alphabet or Initial Charms Should You Wear on a Necklace? 

Alphabet and initial charms for a necklace should be dainty while they are still able to stand out. At Helen Ficalora, we have a huge collection of Alphabet Charms. We have different letter pendants available at our store. 

Alphabet Charms | Helen Ficalora 

How Should You Wear or Style an Initial Necklace?

The initial necklaces are so versatile, there are many ways to style them. You can wear them with plain clothing to make them the centerpiece of an outfit. You can accessorize them with complementary rings, earrings, and bracelets. You can also wear multiple initial charms to your initial necklace, or you can layer necklaces on top of your clothing or on your neck.


Can I Wear Initial and Alphabet Charms on a Bracelet?

All the charms from Helen Ficalora including the initial jewelry and alphabet charms can be worn on our Charm Chain Bracelet. At Helen Ficalora, we carry a huge selection of high-quality jewelry and letter charms. Apart from the bracelet, we have several alphabet charms, the alphabet can be engraved into a disk charm or it could be a diamond letter charm. They all serve a purpose and they are all suitable to be worn with a charm chain bracelet or even a charm chain necklace. Click on the higher links to discover all the precious charms we have at Helen Ficalora. 

"Y" Alphabet Charm Pavé Diamonds

$ 575.00

The diamond Y pendant from Helen Ficalora's alphabet charm collection dazzles any necklace chain of your choosing and is also small enough to work as a bracelet charm. This timeless guarantee of beauty is covered in pave diamonds outlining the… read more