The Best Jewelry Gifts for Sorority Sisters & How to Shop for Rush Week

The Best Jewelry Gifts for Sorority Sisters & How to Shop for Rush Week

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Sisterhood is not just about having blood relationship. It means to have deep, emotional connection with another women or with a group of women. Human beings are social animals however, women specifically thrive better when they have a sense of belonging, and community. Sisterhood helps women to make lasting connections. It basically helps women to give and receive the emotional support. It means that girls are being seen, heard, and understood. It is one of the most healing experience you receive from sisterhood. Sorority sisters refers to a social club for females. It is a group were girls call each other sisters and do activities together. At the start of the new year, Helen Ficalora presents to you the best jewelry gifts for Sorority Sisters and how to shop for rush week.    



What is the Best Gift for Sorority Sisters?

The best gift for sorority sisters is something meaningful that will last a long time to serve as a reminder of their sisterhood. A meaningful gift should hold a good and beautiful memory that the sisters can always look back too. A meaningful gift is also a gift that should be presented at a special occasion. At Helen Ficalora, the best gifts for sorority sisters are the jewelries with high values. We sell our jewelries in 14k Solid Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Yellow Gold is by far the most precious metal around the world and it will definitely hold the most value in the long run. The best gift for sorority sisters can also be a jewelries from our birth stone collection, especially for sisters that share the same birthdays. Go ahead and click on the hyperlinks to view our special collection for sorority sisters.

Letter Name Chain - Sorority Jewelry | Helen Ficalora


What is the Best Sorority Sister Gift for Rush Week?

Whether customers are shopping for their little or big sister, jewelry would make the perfect gift that they can keep forever. The best types of jewelries that can be given to sorority sisters for rush week would be necklaces such as fine chain, diamond chain, letter name chain etc. Jewelries can also include heart charms, BFF Disk Charm, rose gold jewelries, and sterling silver. Majority of our jewelries are made from New York and are made out of valuable 14k solid yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Best Friend Necklace - Sorority Jewelry | Helen Ficalora


Can I Buy Custom Sorority Jewelry?

At Helen Ficalora, customer also have the option to personalize many pieces of jewelry with names, dates, and their preferred metal color. You have the option to buy jewelries with letter name chain, alphabet charm with diamonds, bar charm, script name charms that can be worn along with sorority necklaces and sorority bracelets at Helen Ficalora.



Where Can I Find Sorority Jewelry and Charms?

Helen Ficalora’s sorority charms are the best charms you can buy anywhere around this area. Our most popular sorority charm products include Compass Mini Charms, Alpha Omnicron Pi Disk Charm, Delta Delta Delta Disk Charm, Delta Zeta Disk Charm, Alpha Kappa Alpha Jewelry, Zeta Phi Beta Jewelry, and Chi Omega Jewelry. There are also charms that says “Big Disk Charm” and “Lil Disk Charm”. The fine jewelry at Helen Ficalora are the best gift for sorority sisters because it represents everlasting friendship and memories they hold for a lifelong time.