The 5 Best Custom Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day

The 5 Best Custom Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day comes once a year on May 8th, although mothers should be celebrated every day of the year, we can’t forget the special day that comes once a year to gift our mothers and show our appreciation. Regardless of whether it is a mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a teacher, or a friend, women in our lives shape and define us in various different ways. We have also heard people say, there is a woman behind a man's success. Hence, we can’t forget the special day that comes once a year to show our gratitude to our mothers. In fact, at Helen Ficalora, we have various jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day. 


What is the Best Mother's Day Jewelry for Moms?

There is a wide variety of jewelry gifts for your mother at Helen Ficalora. However, the most significant jewelry to give to your mother would be a gift that holds a lot of meaning. Mother is someone that goes above and beyond to make sure that we feel loved hence it is really important to give something that holds extremely sentimental values. Rather than buying gift baskets or personalized photo calendars, it is rather beneficial and loving to give gifts that hold emotional and romantic values. At Helen Ficalora, our best gifts for mothers includes new mom necklace, charm bracelets, letter name chains, or even script name chains. These gifts are very personalized and definitely hold sentimental values. It is also the best gift to give someone for the long term. We can help you make your surprise for your mother from Helen Ficalora the best Jewelry Gifts for Moms. 

Jewelry for Mother's Day | Helen Ficalora

How Do I Choose the Best Birthday Jewelry for My Mom?

When choosing the perfect gift for your mother, it is an excellent idea to consider the quality of the jewelry and if it is a good gift for the person in the long run. At Helen Ficalora, all jewels are made up of high-quality metals that will last forever. We also give customers the option to personalize their preferences according to their interests and taste. Our chains and charms are made up of 14k Solid Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver. There is also an option to buy letter name chains or script name chains where the customer’s name is printed on the chain. Our all-time favorite charms for mothers would be the “Mom” Disk Charm with Diamonds on it. We also have charms dedicated to grandmothers because women play an important role in our lives. At Helen Ficalora, we also sell the necklace named “The Essential”, it is basically a chain with charms in various sizes and gems that are dedicated to only mothers. 


Jewelry for Mother's Day | Helen Ficalora

Helen Ficalora's 5 Favorite Jewelry Gifts for Mothers

Here is a list of 5 products of fine jewelry at Helen Ficalora. It is always best to buy fine jewelry if you are looking to buy a gift for your mom because it represents everlasting love and bond. At Helen Ficalora, we sell our jewelry in 14k Solid Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold , and Sterling Silver. Select the name of the jewelry to start shopping. 


Mom Disc & Heart Charm with Pave Diamonds

The Mom Disc Charm with Pave Diamonds is made with Solid 14k Gold and real diamonds. You can buy this charm in solid yellow gold, silver, and rose gold. It is a perfect charm to include in any time of chains at Helen Ficalora. The diamonds around the “MOM” give a nice glow in fact it emphasizes the engraving of the “MOM”. Apart from the mom disc, there is a small heart charm with pave diamonds.

Heart Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds

Heart Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds

$ 600.00

Helen's Heart Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds lovingly crafted in New York. Made With Solid 14k Gold. Size 16mm x 13.7mm. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping. Custom Engraving.  … read more

"Mom" Disk Charm With Diamond

$ 245.00

Helen Ficalora's gold mom disk charm with diamond is the perfect piece of fine jewelry to gift your mother. This beautiful gold mom pendant looks good on both necklaces and bracelets. It comes in solid 14k yellow gold, rose gold… read more

Mama Disc Pendant with Diamond

The “Mama Disc Pendant with Diamond” is the most commonly bought charm at Helen Ficalora. It is simple yet unique. The Helen Ficalora’s Gold Mama Charm is a beautiful style that will bring a smile to any mother’s face. Set with a single, brilliant diamond, this mama charm is built unlike any other mother’s day jewelry and is sure to impress your loved one.

"Mama" Disk Charm With Diamond

$ 245.00

Helen Ficalora's gold Mama charm with diamond is a beautiful piece of fine jewelry that will bring a smile to any mother's face. Set with a single, brilliant diamond, this mama charm is built unlike any other and is sure to impress… read more



Grama Disc Charm

The “Grama Disc Charm” is very similar to the “Mama Disc Pendant with Diamond”. It has one diamond at the top of the disc and it is made with Solid 14k Gold. Just like the mama disc, this charm would put a smile on any grandmother for any special occasion.

"Grama" Disk Charm

$ 195.00

This gold grandma pendant will make the perfect gift for any grandmother! Made with high quality 14 karat gold, this grandma pendant will bring a smile to every grandma's face. So help grandma build out her own custom charm bracelet… read more

Gold Cherry Blossom Earrings

Helen Ficalora’s Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings offer the perfect floral pop year-round and will brighten any look no matter what the season. The Gold Cherry Blossom Earrings can be bought in 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, and 14k pink gold. These precious gold flowers are the perfect gift for mothers all year long.


Birth Jewel Stacking Ring

The “Birth Jewel Stacking Ring” is a great example of Helen’s Gemstone Stacking Ring with Peridot that is lovingly crafted in New York. The following ring can be brought in 14k Solid Gold and can be sized perfectly for you.

Birth Jewel Stacking Ring With Peridot

Birth Jewel Stacking Ring With Peridot

$ 250.00

The 14k gold peridot stacking ring from Helen's collection of stunning pieces is comprised of solid gold and a gemstone that glows its way onto any finger with lustrous ease. This piece is available to stand out as its own… read more