How to Shop Lucky Jewelry like Evil Eye, Wishbone & Horseshoe Charms

How to Shop Lucky Jewelry like Evil Eye, Wishbone & Horseshoe Charms

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How to Shop Lucky Jewelry - Evil Eye Jewelry, Wishbone & Horseshoe Charms?

Good luck jewelry has been in fashion for several decades. Good luck charms have been popular and significant among people because they have evolved from legend, folktales, or even religion. Historically, many people wear it to protect themselves from the evil eye. An evil eye is believed to be an unkind look that is meant to cause harm. Certain good luck charms were used to increase the possibility of fertility and to bring good fortune. The following article showcases all the good luck charms at Helen Ficalora that are dedicated to its customers. 


Is It Good Luck to Wear an Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Jewelry is not necessarily known to bring good luck. It is more so used as protection against “evil or anything that may negatively affect one’s well-being. Many celebrities wear evil eye jewelry on a daily basis. In fact, the evil eye charm takes several symbols because various cultures have various interpretations of the evil eye charm. Sometimes, cultures use a hand with an eye in its center for protection. Oftentimes, the evil eye charm just comes as a simple blue or green bead. However, it is believed that the most popular and most beautiful evil eye talismans come from Turkey. They create their charm using glass to bring good luck. 

At Helen Ficalora, all our evil eye charms are made up of pure metal. You can get your evil eye charm in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold as well as Sterling Silver. Our Evil Eye Charm comes in various forms. In fact, you can wear the evil eye charm with your necklace and your charm bracelet. Visit our website right away to get your evil eye charm to help you stay away from evil. 

Evil Eye Charm | Helen Ficalora

What Does the Horseshoe Symbol Mean in Jewelry?

The horseshoe jewelry symbol is one of the most well-known good luck charms in our community. Horseshoes are often seen hanging at the entrance of a home to bring good luck and protection. At Helen Ficalora, we took a modern take on the horseshoe symbol. The horseshoe-shaped jewelry piece at Helen Ficalora is the Large Horseshoe Replica CharmHorseshoe Mini Diamond CharmHorseshoe Disc Charm. They can be bought in Solid 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.


What Does a Wishbone Charm Mean?

The long-standing tradition of breaking a wishbone is When two people make a wish on a wishbone, the one who breaks the bone and has the larger piece is thought to have their wish granted. Therefore, wishbone jewelry symbolizes hope for the future and good luck to the wearer. Some of the wishbone charms at Helen Ficalora include the Wishbone Mini Charm and the Wishbone Pave Diamond Charm.


Are Four-Leaf Clover Necklaces Good Luck?

A Four-Leaf Clover is known to bring more than just good luck. It is seen as a good luck charm by many people because of its rarity. It has been known to bring success, joy, and good fortune. At Helen Ficalora, some of the many charms associated with good luck as the Mini Clover CharmDiamond Clover CharmClover Charm With Pink Sapphire. They are all manufactured using the highest quality metal. You purchase all these jewelry in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.


Evil Eye Charm | Helen Ficalora

What’s Considered a Lucky Charm?

Although many popular shapes and symbols have been associated with good luck charms such as the horseshoe, wishbone, and four-leaf clover icons. Pretty much any object can be considered a lucky charm. It all depends on the wearer and the symbolism they associate it with. 


How Can I Shop for Lucky Jewelry?

Since lucky charm jewelry is usually worn on a daily basis, it should first and foremost be made of high-quality materials. Whether you are shopping for good luck jewelry for a gift or for yourself, you should seek pieces made with 14 karats of solid gold, sterling silver, and real gemstones. All of Helen Ficalora’s pieces are made with the highest-quality metals and stones, and they offer beautiful designs with good luck charms. 

Evil Eye Mini Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire

Evil Eye Mini Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire

$ 495.00

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