How to Match Your Jewelry Chain to Charms

How to Match Your Jewelry Chain to Charms

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While wearing jewelry it is always important to pair or mix and match your jewelry Chain for Pendants and Charms. At Helen Ficalora, there are a wide variety of chains as well as charms for customers to select from. Charms and pendants are so popular because you can easily change up our style without having to purchase an entire necklace. Matching chains to charms has mostly to do with your personal preference but there are a few important things to keep in mind. The following blog post will teach you how to mix and match your jewelry Chains for Pendant at Helen Ficalora.


What Necklace Chain Should You Wear a Pendant On?

It is always ideal to buy a pendant along with a necklace chain. A pendant should never weigh more than the chain it will be attached to. A heavier pendant for a light necklace chain can lead to damage to the chain. However, it is okay for the pendant to be equal in weight to that of the chain. All the jewelry at Helen Ficalora is made out of pure and fine metals hence is unlikely to not find the perfect match charm for your ideal necklace chain. For a Yellow Gold Chain, Helen Ficalora has a wide variety of Yellow Gold Charms in various symbolic icons.

Chain For Pendant | Helen Ficalora

Are Cuban Chains Good for Pendants?

Cuban Chains that are on the thinner side are perfect to wear alone or with a pendant. The Thin Cuban Chains at Helen Ficalora are delicate pieces of jewelry that can be worn for any special occasion. It is a simple string with a dainty Cuban link chain that can be perfectly worn with a variety of pendants. The Cuban Chain would look perfectly fine as a coin chain for a vintage and trendy look. Apart from the coin charm, there is a variety of Alphabet Disk Charms as well as Love Disk Charms that can be worn with a Cuban Chain at Helen Ficalora. 


Are Fine Chains Good for Pendants?

Fine Gold Jewelry Chain should be fine to wear with pendants as long as they are high quality. At Helen Ficalora, our fine necklace chains have high durability and a timeless, minimalistic look that makes them work with pendant styles. All the ornaments at Helen Ficalora are made out of fine and durable metals. The chains and charms at our store are made out of Solid 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.

Chain For Pendant | Helen Ficalora


What Type of Bracelet Chain Should You Wear Charms On?

The best bracelet chain to wear with charms is a chain bracelet with links that makes it easy to attach charms onto them. At Helen Ficalora, we provide customers with a variety of bracelet chains however the HF’s Charm Chain Bracelet is the perfect bracelet to wear every day. You are looking at 14 karat Gold Link Charm Chain Bracelet that is perfect for showing off all your charms. The following Bracelet Chain can be bought in Solid 14k Yellow Gold as well as in Sterling Silver. The bracelet chain is a reliable bracelet that can be worn with any outfit of your choice. 


How Do You Attach a Charm to a Chain Bracelet?

While some charms feature attachments, other charms like those from Helen Ficalora can simply be placed on a bracelet the same way you would place a pendant on a necklace. As mentioned before, we have a variety of charms at our store. Some of the different Chain for Charms that Helen Ficalora offers are the alphabet charmsbirthstone charmsengraving charms.    


Can You Put a Charm on a Necklace?

To conclude, most charms and pendants at Helen Ficalora can be used interchangeably. It is also important to check the weight of the charm and the pendant you use. All of Helen Ficalora’s charms, pendants, and chains are made with the highest-quality metals and stones. If you want to find the perfect charm match for your jewelry chain, go to our store right away to pick your jewelry.