How to Make a Custom Name Charms

How to Make a Custom Name Charms

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How to Make Custom Name Charms?

The designing and manufacturing of jewelry have advanced over the past several years and it has become fairly easy to engrave and customize jewelry. It is also easy to engrave and customize jewelry because of the increased popularity of custom name charms and pendants. Custom Name Charms make the perfect everyday staple or thoughtful gift. At Helen Ficalora, we provide customers with a wide variety of customized jewelry hence continue reading to discover the beauty of Helen Ficalora. 


What Jewelry Can You Engrave?

Nearly any type of jewelry can be engraved, but engravings are typically reserved for charms for bracelets, pendants for necklaces, and rings for weddings. At Helen Ficalora, we have a wide variety of custom charm collections such as the Bar Charm, Letter Name Chain, and the Bar Bracelet. You can engrave any word or phrase of your choice for yourself or be given it as a gift. 

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What Are the Best Types of Jewelry to Engrave?

The best type of jewelry to engrave is the one that will hold a lot of meaning. Engravings could feature names, dates, quotes, and anything else that will be meaningful to the wearer. You can customize your jewelry for yourself by engraving your own name or buy a gift for your significant other by engraving their name on our Bar Charms.


How to Engrave the Bar Charm?

At Helen Ficalora, it is super easy and convenient to engrave the bar charm by simple ordering online with quick and free shipping. The charm at our store is available in 14K yellow, rose and white gold, and sterling silver.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Charm Engraved?

It is relatively affordable to get a custom engraved charm with Helen Ficalora. It only costs $25 for a beautiful personalized engraving. There are charms at Helen Ficalora that are pre-engraved yet also have a personalized touch. Some of these charms include the alphabet charmsbirthstone charmsengraving charms. Go visit our store right away to customize and engrave jewelry for your next special occasion.