How to Choose the Best Necklace Chain

How to Choose the Best Necklace Chain

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There are a number of aspects that need to be considered when selecting the correct necklace chain for a friend, your parents, or even your spouse. The right necklace chain can help pull together an outfit for anyone that enjoys wearing jewelry. The first step is to understand the different types of necklace chains, followed by understanding the best metal for a necklace chain. It is also important to choose the right chain size for your neck and to add an elegant pendant to the necklace chain. 


What Are the Different Types of Necklace Chains?

Necklace Chains at Helen Ficalora come in different shapes, styles, sizes, lengths, and even the clasp of the chain matters at our company. Different kinds of chains Helen Ficalora offers include Ball Chain, Black Chain, Cuban Chain, Diamond ChainFine ChainLetter Name ChainOval Chain, and Twist Chain.


Ball chains are also known as bead chain is made of a series of tiny beads that are linked together to create a chain. These beads can be placed extremely closed together or with spaces in between them. It is said that bead chains look best when they are worn with a pendant rather than wearing it alone. However, the downside of wearing a bead chain is that it can break fairly easily. It is not as sturdy as the other chains mentioned in the article. 

Ball Chain

Ball Chain

$ 65.00

Helen's Ball Chain lovingly crafted in New York. Made With Solid Sterling Silver. Size 16-36 inches. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping.  … read more


Cuban chain: The Cuban Chain is also known as the iconic rapper chain. Cuban chains are the most popular style in the gold chain era. It is essentially a style of chain that features precisely oval-shaped interconnected links. Cuban necklace chains can be worn solo, with a pendant, or iced out. Cuban chain usually looks great with and without a pendant. These chains are generally pretty strong and thick, this makes it easier to add a large and heavy pendant.

Dainty Cuban Chain

Dainty Cuban Chain

$ 375.00

The cuban link chain in solid 14K gold is a beautiful, delicate piece of jewelry that is perfect for wearing every day or on special occasions. Simply add your favorite charms or pendants to the cuban chain to make it uniquely your own or… read more


Black Chain: The Black Chain at Helen Ficalora is very identical to the Solid 14k Yellow Gold Fine Chain we sell to customers. The Black Chain is crafted for everyday use as well as special occasions. The Black Chain is best worn with one of our charms or our gemstones. It can also be worn as a choker along with a longer necklace. To conclude, a black chain has many aesthetical qualities just like many other chain necklaces at Helen Ficalora.

Black Chain

Black Chain

$ 95.00

Helen's Black Chain lovingly crafted in New York. Made With Solid Sterling Silver. Size 15-19 inches. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping.  … read more



Diamond Chain: The Diamond Chain is yet another unique necklace at our store. It can be bought in Solid 14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. It is believed that the diamond chain has the quality of bringing any ordinary outfit to life. It also brights up your outfit with worn during a special occasion. The Diamond Chain can also be worn with the charms at Helen Ficalora. 

Diamond Chain

Diamond Chain

$ 595.00

Helen Ficalora's 14K Gold Chain with Diamonds is a gorgeous necklace chain that will bring any ordinary outfit to life when worn daily, or provide a super special pop when worn on an important occasion. The diamond bezel strand necklace… read more


Fine Chain: The Fine Chain is just like the black chain at Helen Ficalora. Several circles placed together in a pattern makes the fine chain. It is suitable for any occasion. The Fine Necklace Chain is crafted for everything from daily wear to any special occasion. It can be bought in Solid 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, as well as Sterling Silver.

Fine Chain

Fine Chain

$ 155.00

The fine chain is Helen Ficalora's most popular chain style as it can be used to create a gold necklace with pendants and charms. The gold fine chain is made out of real high quality solid 14k gold. The fine chain… read more



Letter Name Chain: The Letter Name Chain is one of our unique products at Helen Ficalora. It can only be bought in Solid 14 karat Yellow Gold. The Letter Name Chain is one of our custom necklaces at our store which takes up to 2 weeks to make. Any number of alphabets can be added to the chain hence, make your way to our store to craft your own name chain necklace.

Letter Name Chain

Letter Name Chain

$ 250.00

Helen Ficalora's Letter Name Chain is made of real solid 14k gold. Custom necklaces take up to 2 weeks. Shop the gold name chain necklace today to build your own custom name chain necklace! Why stop at name charms when you… read more



Oval Chain: The Oval Chain is also known as the Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace at Helen Ficalora. Just like the Letter Name Chain, it can only be bought in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold. The following gold chain is suitable to pair with any charms at Helen Ficalora. The following chain can also be worn by itself. Hence, the oval chain has many qualities and it was worn by any client at our store.

Oval Chain

Oval Chain

$ 640.00

  The Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace is a beautiful piece of solid 14K gold jewelry for any necklace lover and will look gorgeous strewn with your favorite pendants or charms, or when worn on its own. Couple it with your… read more



Twist Chain: The Twist Chain can be bought in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will give an extra elegance to your usual collection of Solid Gold Necklaces. You are wearing this jewelry by wearing it on its own or pairing it with an elegant charm or gemstone at our store.




What is the Best Metal for a Necklace Chain?

The Best Metal for a Necklace Chain would be Gold Chains. Gold is by far the most desired metal for a chain because it comes in a variety of purity levels. In fact, there are more choices in terms of durability and price. The most common gold options include 14k and 18k gold. 14k gold is slightly cheaper and more durable than 18k gold. Gold in general shares a very soft metal property hence there needs to be upkeep for gold chains so that it has a higher durable period. Gold also comes in various colors such as there is yellow gold chains, white gold chains, rose gold chains along with silver. 


Yellow Gold Chains is a necklace made up of pure gold mixed with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. Yellow gold can be bought in 14K with 58% gold, 18K with 75% gold, 22K with 91% gold, and 24K with 99% gold. The advantage of buying a yellow gold chain is that yellow gold is historically the most popular metal used for wedding and engagement bands and it is the easiest to maintain out of all three gold color types. The disadvantage of buying yellow gold is that it needs to be polished frequently in order for the color to remain shiny. 


White Gold Chains is a necklace made up of an alloy composed of pure gold and durable metals such as zinc, nickel, and copper. These factors give white gold its strength and its white color. White gold usually come in 14K which is 58% gold and in 18K which is 75% gold. Some of the benefits of buying white gold include that it is fairly cheaper than platinum and it is made up of alloys with stronger metals than yellow gold. This makes it more durable and scratch-resistant than other metals. The downside of buying white gold is that it needs to be taken good care of in order for the color to remain white.   


Rose Gold is a necklace made up of pure gold mixed with copper and silver alloys. Rose gold is considered authentic gold but it is not entirely made up of gold. The more copper used, the more red color tends to show up on the gold. The benefit of buying rose gold is that it is in style for men’s and women’s jewelry. In fact, it is considered the most romantic metal due to its pinkish-red color. The disadvantage is that oftentimes it can cause allergic reactions and it is not widely available as other times of gold.  


A fine Silver Chain is the ideal metal for customers that are looking for inexpensive jewelry. The majority of designers and customers chose to buy 925 Silver also known as Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is known as fine silver with high durability. However, just like Gold, the color of silver varies over time hence it requires constant polishing to remain as new as gold. 

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How Do I Choose a Necklace Chain Length?

Necklace Chain Length is equally important when selecting the type of metal and the style of the chain. The initial thing to consider while buying a chain is that it is important to consider where the wearer would like to wear their necklace and the clothing that is likely to be worn. Certain men and women would like to wear different necklace chains for different occasions and seasons. At Helen Ficalora we like to follow this form of measurement when customers approach us with their interest in buying necklaces. 


For Women 

16 inches – Choker Length 

17 -18 inches – Collarbone Length 

20 inches – A few inches below collarbone 

22 inches – At and above neckline

24 inches – Below the neckline 


For Men

18 inches – Base of their neck

20 inches – To collarbone

22 inches – A few inches below the collarbone

24 inches – A few inches above the sternum 

30 inches – At the sternum  


How Thick Should a Necklace Chain Be?

The first step in considering why selecting the thickness of a necklace chain is to understand the wearer’s upper body and their overall body type. A particular chain might look shorter on one and slighting longer on another. Hence, it is important to understand individual body types while making a decision. 


Longer chains such as Oval Chain or Dainty Cuban Chain that are around 28 inches can easily slip through your head without removing your clasp. There are also necklace chains that are an easy-to-use magnetic clasp set. These types of clasp can be added to the ends of any chain. We also sell traditional necklaces with claw clasps and spring-ring clasps. In addition, if you plan to wear a charm or a pendant on the chain, you will want to make sure they balance and complement each other. 


A few tips to consider while choosing a mini charm or a gold pendant would be: Designs smaller than one inch look great when balanced with lighter chain styles such as Fine Necklaces. However, designs over one inch look great with medium-chain styles. Lastly, designs over two inches look great with heavier chain styles.

Different Types of Necklace Chains | Helen Ficalora

What Is The Best Type of Necklace Chain for Hanging a Pendant?

At Helen Ficalora we believe that for you to be able to wear a pendant or a charm, you will require to purchase a chain that can withstand the weight of the charm however the chain shouldn’t overpower the pendant at the same time. Charms can be added to any type of Helen Ficalora's necklace chains or bracelets chains. The most popular Helen Ficalora chain for charm necklaces is the Fine Chain which comes in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Silver. The most popular lengths at our store are 16 inches and 18 inches. We have a wide variety of charms and pendants that would suit your interest so go to our website to buy a charm for your special someone. 

Large Diamond Chain

Large Diamond Chain

$ 995.00

Helen's Large Diamond Chain lovingly crafted in solid 18k gold. Chain Lengths in 16-24 inches. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping.       … read more