A Guide to Nameplate Necklaces and Custom Name & Letter Chain Jewelry

A Guide to Nameplate Necklaces and Custom Name & Letter Chain Jewelry

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The creation of jewelry has a history of its own, it is both fascinating as well as surprising. During the Common Era, jewelry was made from dried seashells and seashell beads. We also know from archeological evidence that, jewelry has been designed from bone and animal teeth. It was around 4400 BC that recognized the first creation of jewelry was made out of gold. Today, we are able to design our own nameplate necklace along with a custom name and letter chain jewelry. Custom-made name and letter jewelry are perfect to be given as a gift or even to be worn for everyday use. 


At Helen Ficalora, we provide customers with jewelry made with precious metals. We use the finest and alluring precious metals to craft all our pieces. Every part of the jewelry is made from solid 14 karats of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Our custom jewelry collection consists of name charms, letter chains, name jewelry, letter jewelry as well as initial jewelry. Continue to read to discover the spectacle in our store.


How Long Should a Nameplate Necklace Be?

The standard length for a nameplate necklace is around 20 inches. However, the recent nameplate necklace treads have favored shorter lengths such as 16 inches or even 18 inches. Although at the end of the day, the length of the chain really just depends on the wearer's preference.  

Bar Charm | Helen Ficalora

How Can I Build a Custom Name Chain?

Helen Ficalora is best known for its finest and its most alluring fine jewelry. We have a collection of fine chains, bracelets, earrings, charms, and rings at our store. They are all curated using solid 14 karat gold or sterling silver. At Helen Ficalora, you can also create custom name chains with solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Helen Ficalor’s Bar Charm is one of our attention-seeking ornaments at our store. The Bar Charm can be customized with your preferred name, date, or any other special message. Visit our website to plan how you want to customize your name chain.


How Can I Build Custom Initial or Letter Jewelry?

Creating a custom initial or letter jewelry with Helen Ficalora is as simple as choosing a charm or a pendant that features a single letter on it. The choice of your letter can be your initial, the letter from your partner’s name, or even a letter or a name from your child’s name. The jewelry collection at Helen Ficalora also includes alphabet pendants such as the classic alphabet disc charmcutout letter charm, and bubble letter charm. Our store is the creators of the letter disc charm trend. Hence, Helen Ficalora is the ideal place to shop for custom fine jewelry. 

Nameplate Necklace | Helen Ficalora

How Can I Customize My Name, Letter, or Initial Jewelry?

The initial jewelry at Helen Ficalora can be customized by choosing your preferred metal and color. All the charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and customized jewelry can be both solid 14 karats yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. In fact, the letter jewelry pieces at our store can be used as a necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Helen Ficalora has a huge selection of solid gold alphabet charms with single diamondsmany diamonds, and no diamonds. Helen Ficalora is known for only using its highest-quality metals and stones while making jewelry. Hence, visit our store right away to shop for the finest jewelry.