A Guide to Bridesmaid Jewelry & How to Make Custom Gift Sets

A Guide to Bridesmaid Jewelry & How to Make Custom Gift Sets

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There is no word to explain the importance of jewelry on your special day for you and your bridal party. On a special occasion like a wedding day, there is no doubt that the majority of your time would be occupied preparing for the auspicious day. Deciding who is coming, what type of dress you should get designed, your style of shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and so forth are just the beginning of planning a wedding. Wedding jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry gifts are one of the most important parts of the wedding. In fact, out of everything that happens that day, it is the wedding rings that continue as a constant reminder of the event. At Helen Ficalora, we provide a variety of fine gold jewelry that is suitable for distinctive events. Hence, go to our website right away to purchase your matching bridesmaid jewelry or your maid of honor jewelry.  


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Should Bridesmaid Have Matching Jewelry?

It is completely up to the bride and their preferences to buy matching bridesmaid jewelry. Just like the bridesmaid dresses, the jewelry pieces don’t necessarily have to be identical but they should complement each other. At Helen Ficalora, you can look for matching bridesmaid jewelry or even look for bridesmaid jewelry sets. The majority of our jewelry is made of fine 14k solid gold. Hence, you can look for beautiful gold bridesmaid earrings, fine gold chains, and heart-shaped charms to go along with them. You can also look for a maid of honor bracelet for your special friend. To conclude, there is a variety of jewelry at our store hence it is entirely up to the bride and their preferences to buy matching bridesmaid jewelry.


What Are The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts?

The jewelry at Helen Ficalora is the best ornament piece that would make the best bridesmaid jewelry gifts. It is a good idea to purchase all pieces from the same place so that they will be complementary to one another. At Helen Ficalora, we believe fine jewelry is the best choice because it is made with precious metals. We use the finest and most alluring precious metals to craft all of our pieces. Every piece is made out of solid gold or solid sterling silver. We do not use any plating on any of our charms. Some of the Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts include fine gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The products at Helen Ficalora include the BFF Disk CharmHeart Cutout CharmHeart Mini Charm Pavé DiamondsBar Charm, the “Love” Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds, etc. 

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How Do I Choose Maid of Honor Jewelry?

The Maid of Honor is the bride’s honor attendant who is not married. The honor attendants are usually best friends or a sister. The Maid of Honor is in charge of the bachelorette party and bridal shower as well as leading the rest of the bridesmaids throughout the planning process and on the day of the wedding. Hence, at Helen Ficalora, we believe that choosing a maid of honor jewelry is all about being thoughtful, personal, and intentional because you are giving it to somebody very special. It is also important to remember that the maid of honor's jewelry shouldn’t be too bold or clash with anything that the bride is wearing. Hence, the maid of honor should have her own recognition and beauty at the wedding.   


Where Can I Buy Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Sets? 

At Helen Ficalora, you also have the choice to build your own jewelry gift sets for bridesmaids at Helen Ficalora. A few tips on how they can create their sets of matching earrings and necklaces, bracelets, and rings are:

1.    It is important to always go for higher-quality jewelry that is timeless. This is because higher quality is ideal for those with sensitive skin since it isn’t made out of cheaper materials.

2.    Focus on all areas of the body so that all ornaments you are wearing are cohesive to one another. 

3.    Pick a stone that means something to you or your bridesmaid party. At Helen Ficalora, we provide a variety of birthstone and gemstone jewelry hence, this could be something admiring of the bridesmaid jewelry gift sets.


How Can I Customize My Bridesmaid Jewelry and Gifts?

At Helen Ficalora, they can easily personalize pieces of jewelry with names, dates, and their preferred metal and metal color. They can customize jewelry pieces to be unique while also complementing each other. Our jewelry can be brought in Solid 14k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Sterling Silver. To conclude, we strongly believe that fine jewelry is the best gift for bridesmaids as well as the maid of honor because it represents an everlasting bond between the bride and the bridal party.