A Guide to Big Rings, Chunky Earrings, and Statement Jewelry

A Guide to Big Rings, Chunky Earrings, and Statement Jewelry

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If you have ever seen a celebrity or even a bride walk down the aisle and the jewelry they were wearing instantly caught your attention, we know it is statement jewelry. A Statement Jewelry is a piece of ornament that allows men and women to express or even voice themselves. Statement Jewelry is usually big in size and it is very bold in appearance. The following blog will be showcasing how chunky earrings and rings offer a fashionable way to show off your unique style.


What is Statement Jewelry?

Statement jewelry has been a mainstay for various different cultures. Statement Jewelry is a piece that features unique and bold designs and is meant to be the center of attention for an outfit. At Helen Ficalora, we have a wide variety of choices for statement ring collections. Some of our most bought rings at our store include the Large Peace Sign Ring, the Dogwood Flower Ring With Diamonds, as well as the Snake Ring. 


What are Chunky Earrings & Jewelry?

Chunky Jewelry or Statement Earrings can be thicker, bolder, or longer than regular earrings. At Helen Ficalora, the dangle earrings is an excellent earring that makes a bold statement while remaining classy. The following dangle earring is the famous Citrine Dangle Earring at Helen Ficalora. It can be bought in Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold and it is known to be a rare and precious gemstone. In fact, Helen Ficalora crafts all of their jewelry using high-quality metals and stones.


Big Jewelry | Helen Ficalora

How Do I Choose a Big Statement Ring?

Most often, statement rings also known as big rings should match your unique style. There are many simple statement rings like the signet rings as well as more elaborate ones with intricate details. Some of the most famous statement rings that complement any outfit at Helen Ficalora include Oval Signet RingFlower Ring With DiamondsLarge Peace Sign Ring


How Should You Style Statement Jewelry?

At Helen Ficalora, we follow a few tips for styling statement jewelry. In order to style statement earrings, rings or necklaces. Some of these tips include: 

1.     They should try wearing them with simple clothes such as a little black dress, a plain sweater, or even a basic tee to instantly dress up any outfit, and add some personality. 

2.     It is also really important to consider what kind of neckline you are wearing. A strapless, off-the-shoulder, scoop-necked or even v-necked tops are all ideal neck-line that allow your statement necklace to shine. These times of clothing will also allow statement earrings and statement rings to stand out. 

3.     You should also keep in mind, to be careful while considering the appropriate color for your jewelry. The color of your clothes and the color of your jewelry should never clash with each other.


Big Jewelry | Helen Ficalora

Can You Wear Multiple Pieces of Big Statement Jewelry?

Although bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, it is definitely possible to wear multiple pieces at once. A combination of a statement necklace and a statement ring would look really nice on any time of clothing. At Helen Ficalora, we have a huge selection of unique statement jewelry that was made to complement each other.

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