A Guide to 5, 10, 15 Year Anniversary Jewelry

A Guide to 5, 10, 15 Year Anniversary Jewelry

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Throughout history, symbolism has been an integral part of human interaction. An image or an icon can convey deep meaning and can be used to instantly convey information and ideas. Symbols of power, love, strength, spirituality, and belief provide a common language that present upon unifying people. Over the years, several icons have made its way to jewelry design. A gift of jewelry presented to celebrate anniversaries or any life event is always related to sentiments. Jewelry has been a symbol of everlasting love, and there are even dedicated precious metals and stones for each year. This article is dedicated to give a brief overview to buy the ideal gift for 5, 10, 15 Anniversary Jewelry Gift. 


Is Jewelry a Good Anniversary Gift?

A gift of jewelry has always been an excellent anniversary gift and it has always been a perfect way to show someone how special they are. Jewelry makes a lovely romantic gift, especially if it’s thoughtful, personal, and intentional. What makes jewelry more exceptional is when its coming from a special someone like your parents, your partner, or your sibling. Shoppers can customize their gift with engraving or by selecting a unique charm that showcases their special someone’s birthstone or interest. Gifting them during their special day can also add a glamour to the jewelry. Special occasions include 5, 10, or 15, year anniversaries. This occasion can be shared between husband and wife or even just between boyfriend and girlfriend.

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What Are the Specific Metals for 5, 10, and 15 Year Anniversaries?

Apart from just buying a special gift for a special person, it is always important to choose the accurate metals for 5, 10, and 15 Year Anniversaries. We don’t always think about what kind of metal we need to buy as a gift for each year passing buy. However,  traditional lists have stayed pretty consistent, but you have to stay married a good number of years to give or get a heavy metal. Not all anniversary years symbiosed by traditional and contemporary gifts, but they often also have a flower, colour, and gemstone associated with them. 

The 5 year anniversary band should be celebrated with Wood. Wood is the metal for the 5-year anniversary because it is used as a symbol of durability and wisdom. The 5th year of marriage is a significant year and it is worthy of celebration. Five years is a milestone anniversary and it is the year that showcases that your marriage is getting stronger. Hence, it should be a surprise that wood is used to celebrate the 5 year anniversary. 

Tin is the metal for the 10-year anniversary because it is used to protect other metals from rusting or tarnishing, therefore representing flexibility, durability and protection. That said, where HF does not necessarily stock the relevant metal point users to a “higher quality, loger lasting” alternative (ex. Sterling Silver)

Crystal is the most commonly used metal for the 15-year anniversary. The years are starting to add up in quite an impressive manner as you celebrate your 15th year anniversary. By the time you reach your 15th year, your lives together are bringing you enduring joy, love, and respect for each other. Crystal is the metal used to celebrate this special occasion and it is used to represents the pure and sparkling love between a married couple. Couples can think about buying 15 year anniversary ring for each other as there time together have qualifies another milestone. 


What are the Specific Stones for 5, 10, and 15 Year Anniversaries?

Specific stones for 5, 10, and 15 Year Anniversaries are also commonly praised by couples. Just like metals are valued, specific stones bring good virtue to men and women. 

Sapphire is a specific stone for the 5th Year Anniversary. It is used as a symbol of strength and hope for the many years of marriage they have lived and have yet to live together. Sapphire is the Latin term for “Saphirus”; it is as beautiful, brilliant, and the color remains to be as clear as the summer sky. In fact, for many years the sapphire stone has carried important religious and cultural meaning for diverse parts of the world. Often times, sapphire jewelry replaces jewelry made by wood however both symbolizes a solid marriage. Jewelries at Helen Ficalora include: Birth Jewel Heart Charm with Blue Sapphire, Birth Jewel Stacking Ring With Sapphire etc.   

Ten of marriage is a milestone and needs a worthy celebration and it is almost always celebrated with a diamond. Hence, diamonds are the perfect jewelry for 10 year anniversary. Both the husband and the wife will benefit from a diamond jewelry. For the wife, a diamond jewelry is a perfect opportunity to add to her engagement ring and wedding ring. For the husband, you can consider a diamond ring or even a diamond earring. At Helen Ficalora, majority of our jewelries are made out of diamond. We sell Fine Chain with Diamonds, few Heart Shaped Charms with Diamonds on them. We also have several charm bracelets that can be gifted to just anyone. Couples can also think about buying 10 year wedding anniversary ring to celebrate their love and their time together. 

The perfect jewelry for 15 year anniversary is ornaments with ruby in them. Ruby is like no other gem stone because it truly showcases passion and love, making it the perfect gem to celebrate the 15th year anniversaries. At Helen Ficalora, we have a wide variety of collection for the ruby gem stone. We have just the perfect charms necklaces and charm bracelet to gift your special person.

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What Are the Best Jewelry Gifts for a 5 Year Anniversary?

At Helen Ficalora, we provide fine jewelry made of 14k Solid Yellow Gold, Solid White Gold, Solid Rose Gold and Sterling Silver. We believe in representing ourselves as a fine jewelry store carrying timeless pieces that can be used for special occasions, or everyday wear. Our store showcases fine jewelry dedicated to mothers, fathers, grandmothers, as well as husband and wife. The ideal jewelry gift to celebrate for a 5 Year Anniversary would be a solid gold necklace. The fine chain necklace could feature a blue sapphire, your better half’s birthstone, a lovely heart shape, or a personalized name or date. The sapphire collection at Helen Ficalora include Birth Jewel Heart Charm with Blue Sapphire or an Evil Eye Mini Charm with Diamonds and Blue Sapphire. Our birthstone collection includes a wide variety of charms that will look good with necklaces and bracelets. There is also a wide variety of birthstone ring option at Helen Ficalora. Some of the specialty jewelry at Helen Ficalora include Letter Name Chain, letter charms such as “A” Alphabet Charm with Diamond, “B” Cutout Letter Charm, or even a Bar Charm where you can customize your name on it. Go ahead and click on the hyperlinks to view our special jewels. Enjoy your shopping every step of the way.   


What Are the Best Jewelry Gifts for a 10 Year Anniversary?

At Helen Ficalora, we believe that the perfect 10 year anniversary gifts are earrings. We provide customers with beautiful Baby Stud Earrings With Diamonds, Infinity Dangle Earrings, Minimalist Hoop Earrings along with various other diamond gifts. The gift for a 10 Year Anniversary should be the best and the most outstanding gift of all time because ten years of marriage qualifies as a milestone. This is a perfect opportunity for men and women to add diamonds to their rings, earrings, necklaces or any other type of jewelry they wear. Majority of the jewelry at Helen Ficalora includes diamonds so customers will never be restricted to just buying earrings for their better half on their 10 Year Anniversary.


What Are the Best Jewelry Gifts for a 15 Year Anniversary?

The 15 Year Anniversary should generally be celebrated with rubies. Ruby Charms are symbolized with love and passion, it is a concept brought by its amazing saturated red. Most rubies you will find today have been treated to improve their colour and clarity. However, the gemstone jewelries at Helen Ficalora are authentic, they are made with Solid 14k Gold and they are lovingly crafted in New York. Helen Ficalora specialty jewelries include the “Birth Jewel Heart Charm With Ruby”, “Birth Jewel Mini Disk Charm With Ruby” and also the “Birth Jewel Flower Charm With Ruby”.

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