8 Pieces of Jewelry to Get Mom for Christmas

8 Pieces of Jewelry to Get Mom for Christmas

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Timeless gifts are a perfect way to embody the everlasting love of a mother. Let this Christmas be the time you let diamonds and gold represent the love of a mother with an everlasting shine. Almost every piece in Helen Ficalora’s catalog would make a great Christmas gift ideas for mom, but there are a few favorites that stand out. Even though gift baskets and personalized mugs are always a great gesture, sometimes all you need is a piece of sparkly jewelry to make your mother feel like a queen on her special day.


Is Jewelry a Good Christmas Gift?

At Helen Ficalora, we provide customers with a full collection of Mom disk charms. All the charms in our collection are made up of high-quality metal and can be bought in several shades of metal as well as in sterling silver. These would make the perfect jewelry for mom Christmas. Some of the most iconic mom disk charms as well as the perfect ideas for mom for Christmas at the store are the “Mom” Disk Charm Pave Diamonds, “Mimi” Disk Charm, Shine On Necklace, and the “OMA” Disk Charm. These are perfect examples of Christmas gifts for mom jewelry. At Helen Ficalora, we definitely believe that jewelry is nearly always a great gift idea, especially for a mom. Let Helen’s solid 14K gold items shine like the love you share this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Mom | Helen Ficalora


What Does Jewelry Symbolize as a Gift?

The act of giving jewelry means giving something that makes people feel beautiful, important, and desired. Helen Ficalora highly recommends purchasing a piece of jewelry for your mother or a really close relative this Christmas. The everlasting life of high-quality jewelry cannot be replaced. High-quality jewelry can represent an infinite love shared between a mother and a child. All ornaments at Helen Ficalora are made up of Solid 14K gold and can be bought in several shades of metal. In fact, many of the charms, fine chains, bracelets, and earrings at our store feature gorgeous pave diamonds that are pressed into the charms.


What Is a Good Gift for a Mother for Christmas?

When buying a piece of jewelry would make a great gift this Christmas, there are several different gift ideas for moms that are commonly bought every year. Some of these ideas include cookbooks, home goods, kitchenware, etc. All of these gift ideas typically make good decisions and traditionally make excellent choices. However, at Helen Ficalora we believe that nothing outlasts the beauty of fine jewelry, and a custom piece of jewelry would speak volumes!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom | Helen Ficalora

What Jewelry Should I Get for My Mom?

This year, we are providing customers with a wide variety of jewelry options. Helen’s catalog of pieces is widespread enough that finding the perfect gift for a mother is simple. Some of the ornaments that can be customized at Helen Ficalora would be the Bar Charm, Charm Chain Bracelet, Fine Chain, or even the Letter Name Chain. Helen Ficalora offers free gift wrapping and handwritten notes, in fact, all pieces include free shipping!


Top 8 Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Medium Heart Cutout Charm: The Medium Heart Cutout Charm is an elegant piece of jewelry that is made of Solid 14K gold. It can be bought in yellow gold, white gold as well as rose gold. The charm is cut beautifully into a disk charm and it can be worn perfectly with a fine chain.


“Mom” Disk Charm: The “Mom” Disk Charm is one of the most authentic pieces of jewelry that can be gifted to a mother on any special occasion, especially for Christmas. The mom disk pendant is one of the more modest and affordable options of jewelry at Helen Ficalora to buy during Christmas.

"Mom" Disk Charm

$ 195.00

Helen Ficalora's gold Mom charm is the perfect piece of fine jewelry to gift your mother or wear yourself. This beautiful gold Mom pendant looks good on both necklaces and bracelets and pairs well with other pieces. This gold disk has the word "Mom"… read more


“Mom” Disk Charm Pave Diamonds: The pave diamond Mom charm is an ideal piece of jewelry for those looking to ramp up the dazzle. The pave diamond charm can be worn with a fine chain or even a charm chain bracelet.

"Mom" Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds

$ 600.00

Helen Ficalora's "Mom" Disk Charm Pavé Diamonds is filled with beautiful diamonds. This Mom pendant comes in solid 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The word Mom is stamped in the center of the disk. Multiple diamonds are set… read more


Big Gold Ring: The following ring is a bold and big gold ring. In fact, the following ring is part of the statement ring collection at Helen Ficalora. The Big Gold Ring can bring out any outfit like an accent piece.

Big Gold Ring

Big Gold Ring

$ 645.00

The thick gold band ring is the perfect piece for anyone looking for a beautiful gold ring made from high-quality 14K gold. Available in 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or 14K rose gold, this large gold ring will pull… read more


Birthstones: Helen’s Birthstone collection can’t be compared to any other jewelry store birthstone collection. In fact, we have a variety of charms with different colored birthstones. Customers can buy Birth Jewel Mini Disk Charm with Garnet, Birth Jewel Cabochon Charm With Garnet, Birth Jewel Heart Charm With Garnet, or even a Birth Jewel Flower Charm With Garnet.

Birthstone Cabochon Charm With Garnet

Birthstone Cabochon Charm With Garnet

$ 225.00

This beautiful garnet necklace is a solid 14k gold birthstone pendant made with real natural garnet. This gold necklace pendant comes in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. This garnet pendant is the perfect personalized jewelry gift. This birthstone… read more


Flower earrings: Just like the Birthstone Collection, Helen Ficalora also provides customers with a variety of flower earrings. These earrings come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular signs include the Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings With Diamond or even the Small Tea Rose Stud Earrings.

Small Tea Rose Stud Earrings

Small Tea Rose Stud Earrings

$ 465.00

Helen Ficalora's Rose Flower Earrings in Gold are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection, and make an excellent gift for any floral-loving friend or family member. Made with solid 14K gold, these delicate tea rose flower earrings are now… read more


Signet Rings: The Signet Rings are another signature design at Helen Ficalora. The Signet Rings are considered statement jewelry at our store. These rings can be bought in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold.

Crown Signet Ring With 3 Diamonds

Crown Signet Ring With 3 Diamonds

$ 1,050.00

Feel like a queen with this crown diamond signet ring displayed proudly on your finger. Made from 14K gold and available in yellow, white, and rose gold, this is the perfect ring for those who want to feel like royalty… read more


Dangle Disk Earrings: The Dangle Disk Earrings is one of our unique earring collections. All the earrings are made up of high-quality metal and it incorporates various designs and symbols. These Dangle Disk Earrings can also be bought with birthstone charms in them.

Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond And Citrine

Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond And Citrine

$ 475.00

  When shopping for citrine dangle earrings, it doesn't get better than Helen Ficalora's Citrine Dangle Earrings with Diamonds, because why shop for just citrine when you can couple the rare stone with diamonds? These 14K gold citrine and diamond… read more


At Helen Ficalora, we provide a wide variety of jewelry collections. Helen’s collection may make the perfect, timeless gift for a mother this Christmas. We highly encourage customers to explore the Helen Ficalora Website until they find the gift that embodies their love in a full, wholesome way.