10 Fine Jewelry Gifts to Celebrate the Holidays

10 Fine Jewelry Gifts to Celebrate the Holidays

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Several factors need to be considered while buying fine jewelry gifts for the Holidays, as not all jewelry is created equal. High-quality real fine jewelry can be hard to find. Imitations are often made by unreliable retailers, due to the high demand and price of precious gemstones and metals. There are, however, reliable retailers like Helen Ficalora that only sell Fine Gold Jewelry made from solid 14k gold. Precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum. High-quality gemstones complement precious metals. These high-quality gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

What is Considered Fine Jewelry?

Fine Jewelry is any jewelry made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Fine jewelry also uses real natural gemstones like diamondssapphiresrubies, or emeralds. Fine jewelry is durable and made to last longer. As a result, it can be worn every day.

At Helen Ficalora, our fine jewelry is crafted from beautiful yellow goldrose gold, and white gold with diamond accents that reflect an appreciation for nature and organic form.

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What Should You Know Before Purchasing Fine Jewelry?

Fine gold jewelry is generally considered necklaces, ringscharmsbracelets, and earrings made out of solid real yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Gold can be solid, plated, or vermeil. Solid gold is when the majority of the jewelry is made out of real gold. Gold plated and vermeil has slight differences between them. Gold plating refers to jewelry that consists of a thin layer of gold that is applied over the top of another affordable metal, such as copper. With gold plating, the base metal is less expensive than solid gold, it allows for cheaper production while achieving the gold metal look many people enjoy. Vermeil gold is a technique that originated in the 19th century. It's when 18k gold is applied to sterling silver. Vermeil gold is made the same way as gold-plated jewelry but requires a thicker layer of gold.

A lot of fake gold is created due to the high demand for gold. Fake gold can be spotted by conducting the stamp test, acid test, and magnet test. The majority of gold you buy at the jewelry store has a gold jewelry stamp. This is a small stamp, in an unseen place, that marks the karat and purity of the gold. The acid test can be conducted by making a small scratch on your gold and placing a small drop of liquid nitric acid onto the spot. If the spot turns green, it is not real gold. If the scratch is unaltered then you have real gold in your hand.

Is Fine Jewelry a Good Investment?

Jewelry can last for a long or short period. Several factors matter when buying jewelry, for instance, the metal used, the stone used, and the craftsmanship of the jewelry. If you purchase the right high-quality fine jewelry, it will hold its value over time and may increase in value, making it a good long-term investment for yourself, or an amazing gift for friends and family.

Buying jewelry is just like buying stocks or real estate, over time the value of jewelry increases, hence if you want to sell your jewelry in the future it is important to buy high-quality fine jewelry such as Helen Ficalora's 14k gold collection. Another great option is Helen Ficalora's fine diamond jewelry collection. At Helen Ficalora, we believe in providing affordable luxury jewelry that is sustainably made, ethically sourced, and has excellent craftsmanship.

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What is the Best Type of Fine Jewelry to Buy?

Jewelry made out of gold and diamonds is often regarded as the best in its rarity and quality. Solid fine gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. Gold is found in rivers, oceans, and the earth’s crust, and is oftentimes very expensive to extract. Gold is more malleable than any other metal and can be hammered into thin foil. Gold also has a rare ductile property allowing it to be drawn into wire.

On the other hand, natural diamonds are carbon crystals that are formed under high temperature and pressure conditions that exist under the earth’s surface. Diamonds are generally isometric. Some of the properties of diamonds include hardness, resistance to chemical corrosion, high strength, and high thermal conductivity.

At Helen Ficalora, our jewelry is made out of real solid 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, oftentimes with small real diamonds attached as part of the jewelry. The diamonds add a glow and shine to the jewelry enhancing the beauty of the necklace chains and charms. 

It is important to buy jewelry from a reliable retailer like Helen Ficalora because imitations of gold and diamonds are common. 

Helen Ficalora’s Favorite Fine Jewelry

Helen Ficalora has been a trusted fine jewelry retailer for over two decades. We create timeless fine jewelry crafted from beautiful 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, and 14k white gold with diamond accents that reflect an appreciation for nature and organic forms. We make our collection of chains, charms, rings, earrings, and bracelets in the United States. Our collection is perfect for individuals seeking unique and customizable jewelry that expresses their personal stories.

What makes us the most reliable retailer is that we believe in creating affordable luxury jewelry and maintaining accessible prices without sacrificing quality. All our jewelry is ethically sourced, crafted, and customized in New York. We have the perfect fine jewelry gift for you whether you are shopping for friends, family, a spouse, or looking for a special piece for yourself.

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10 Fine Jewelry Gifts To Celebrate The Holidays

1. "A" Alphabet Charm: Helen Ficalora is the creator of the original alphabet charm. She has been making initial pendants for over two decades. These letter necklaces are a must-have fine jewelry gift. 

"A" Alphabet Charm

$ 185.00

Helen Ficalora's gold letter "A" pendant is the original initial necklace that started the alphabet charm craze over two decades ago. The letter charm touts a simple, minimalistic design with the letter stamped directly into a disk made from beautiful solid 14k gold.… read more

2. Birthstone Disk Charm With Citrine: The birthstone disk charm with citrine is a special part of our collection made out of real rare precious gemstones. Citrine is a transparent and rough jewel. It is known to be valued for its yellow to brownish color. 

Birth Jewel Mini Disk Charm With Emerald

Birth Jewel Mini Disk Charm With Emerald

$ 140.00

If you're looking for a gorgeous green charm to add to your collection, look no further than our favorite gold emerald charm. This piece can be used to build out a dainty gold emerald bracelet, or worn on a fine… read more

3. “MAMA” Disk Charm With Diamond: The “MAMA” Disk Charm With Diamond is a lovely charm crafted from 14k yellow, white, or rose gold. This pendant is part of our word charm collection and is the perfect gift for mom. It is made out of the finest and most alluring precious diamonds. 

"Mama" Disk Charm With Diamond

$ 245.00

Helen Ficalora's gold Mama charm with diamond is a beautiful piece of fine jewelry that will bring a smile to any mother's face. Set with a single, brilliant diamond, this mama charm is built unlike any other and is sure to impress… read more

4. Tea Rose Flower Milgrain Ring With Diamond: The Tea Rose Flower Milgrain Ring With Diamond is a beautiful ring made out of real solid gold and diamonds. It is small, thin, and fits perfectly on any finger. The Tea Rose Flower is one our unique fine rings that will complement any other style of jewelry you wear. Helen Ficalora has a large collection of fine jewelry rings hence visit are website right away to buy your favourite choice of jewelry.

Tea Rose Flower Milgrain Ring With Diamonds

Tea Rose Flower Milgrain Ring With Diamonds

$ 1,000.00

This beautiful rose flower gold ring is positively luminous and sure to impress any fine jewelry lover. The perfect –– and unforgettable –– gift to show your true love and affection, this rose flower diamond ring is timeless, classy, and… read more

5. Bar Charm: Helen Ficalora's Bar Charm is a well-crafted pendant that can be customized with your name written on it. The bar necklace comes in 14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold, and Sterling Silver with or without diamonds. 

Bar Charm

Bar Charm

$ 245.00

Looking for the perfect gold bar necklace pendant? Meet the gold bar charm. You can easily engrave your name, nickname, or a special message on this vertical bar necklace charm to make it wholly your own! So reimagine what you expect a… read more

6. Letter Name Chain: The Letter Name Chain is part of our chain collection at Helen Ficalora. The chain can be customized with your name or initials spelled out on it. The name chain is crafted with Solid 14k Yellow Gold and can be bought with your favourite word spelled out. 

Letter Name Chain

Letter Name Chain

$ 250.00

Helen Ficalora's Letter Name Chain is made of real solid 14k gold. Custom necklaces take up to 2 weeks. Shop the gold name chain necklace today to build your own custom name chain necklace! Why stop at name charms when you… read more

7. Paw Print Disk Charm: The Paw Print Disk Charm is the perfect pendant to celebrate your pets. On the back of the charm, you can engrave your pet's names and birthdates. This is one of our most popular fine gold necklaces.

Paw Print Disk Charm

Paw Print Disk Charm

$ 195.00

Helen's Small Paw Print Disk Charm With Diamond lovingly crafted in New York. Made With Solid 14k Gold And Real Diamonds. Size 15.8mm X 13.5mm. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping.   … read more

8. Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond: The Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond is a cute and unique pair of earrings made from solid 14k gold and real diamonds. You have the choice of buying these fine earrings in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond

Dangle Disk Earrings With Diamond

$ 325.00

Looking for gold drop earrings? Round out your collection with these unique gold drop disc earrings, and discover the perfect piece to gift or keep! Set with sparkling diamonds, these beautiful earrings will make an excellent gift for any loved… read more

9. Evil Eye Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire: The Evil Eye Mini Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire is a small pendant with a blue sapphire and diamonds that represent the shape of an eye. This pendant is crafted in New York out of 14k solid gold and real gemstones. This is the perfect fine jewelry gift for people who believe in the power of the evil eye.

Evil Eye Mini Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire

Evil Eye Mini Charm With Diamonds And Blue Sapphire

$ 495.00

Looking for the best evil eye charms? Shop Helen Ficalora's favorite blue eye charm today and discover a new way to tote your favorite symbol. The 14 karat gold evil eye charm is available in high quality rose, white, or… read more

10. Cross Mini Charm Pavé Diamonds: The Cross Mini Charm Pavé Diamonds is a beautiful solid gold religious pendant covered in real precious diamonds. This cross is the perfect accent piece for your necklace or bracelet. 

Cross Mini Charm Pavé Diamonds

Cross Mini Charm Pavé Diamonds

$ 425.00

Our gold cross charm makes the perfect addition to every fine chain or charm bracelet and is set with a handful of gorgeous, sparkling diamonds. The diamond cross charm is a great piece of jewelry to gift or keep and… read more

11. Large Diamond Chain: The large diamond chain is one of the best pieces of unique fine jewelry you can find! Made of solid gold and real diamonds, this gorgeous chain can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear it on its own or pair it with our other dynamic jewelry pieces to build a unique set for you or a special person in your life! 

Large Diamond Chain

Large Diamond Chain

$ 995.00

Helen's Large Diamond Chain lovingly crafted in solid 18k gold. Chain Lengths in 16-24 inches. Gift Wrapped. Free Express Shipping.       … read more